Programming I

Module Information
  • Year: 2015-16
  • Code: CSC1021
  • Supervisor: Yash Pleck
  • Available for study abroad: No
  • Exchange students: No

Programming I


The module aims to give students an appreciation of the way problems can be solved using a programming language. It provides an intuitive introduction to the concept of programming and covers basic programming constructs including comments, variables, assignment statements, control structures (selection, repetition), expressions, modularisation, input and output.

This module provides a general introduction to computer programming focusing on the concepts of problem solving, basic programming constructs, and program design. It introduces how to design, write and test simple programs.

Outline Of Syllabus

Programming Fundamentals – constructs
– Basic syntax and semantics of a higher-level language
– Variables, types, expressions, and assignment
– Simple I/O
– Conditional and iterative control structures
– Methods and parameter passing
– Structured decomposition
Programming Fundamentals – problem solving
– Problem-solving strategies
– The role of algorithms in the problem-solving process
– Implementation strategies for algorithms
Programming Fundamentals – data structures
– Representation of numeric data
– Range, precision, and rounding errors
– Arrays
– Representation of character data
– Strings and string processing
Programming Languages – virtual machines
– The concept of a virtual machine


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